Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Acts 16

Summary: Paul and his new sidekicks Silas and Timothy try going to several places, but the Spirit prevents it. Instead, Paul gets a dream asking for help from the region of Macedonia, so they go there.

In Philippi, the main town of the district, they preach and grow the church (including a woman named Lydia) until they're arrested, but are released supernaturally,  converting the jailer and his family on the way out. The leaders are terrified not because of the display of power but because Paul and Silas are Roman citizens that were just punished by a Jewish entity.

Response: The Spirit chooses different things for different people and expects different things, too. In the last few chapters, the apostles unanimously say that new believers don't need to be circumcised, but Paul wants Timothy to be respected by those he's reaching out to and so has him snipped himself. They try to go to a number of cities, but end up having to travel across the known world to get to Philippi. Hopefully I can start hearing that still, small voice.

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