Saturday, November 8, 2014

2 Corinthians 2

Summary: Paul talks of his ministry, how he both supports and is supported by those he serves.

Response: So, of course, two questions pop up: who is ministering to me that I need to support? And who am im ministering to that I need to ask (and allow) support from?

Friday, November 7, 2014

2 Corinthians 1

Summary: Paul greets again the believers in Corinth. He outlines his hopes for them, for himself, and for the church as a whole.

Response: A few verses stand out. First, the part about knowing in part and in full, which I'm excited for- and yet I know I put more faith in Christ with the less I know. Hmm, perhaps this dilemma will get solved throughout the letter. Or not, that may not be his main point and I don't want to overthink this, though I might be doing so already.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

1 Corinthians 16

Summary: With a few more words of encouragement, Paul greets the church at Corinth with practical matters.

Response: This is a letter, after all, and I'd think it weird if we saw anything less than the true fellowship Paul works for.

Monday, November 3, 2014

1 Corinthians 15

Summary: Paul argues for the necessity of Christ's resurrection -- and our own.

Response: I tend to concentrate on less important things. I pay that I would seek Him and Him only!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 Corinthians 13

(Somehow I skipped 12. I'll add it later I suppose)

Summary: Paul talks of love not as weakness or desperation, but as the acme of humanity; that is, being loving is as fully human as you can get.

Response: Francis Chan has talked about this before, substituting your name for the word love: "Michael is patient, Michael is kind..." I know I can only be that with God's aid.

Monday, August 25, 2014

1 Corinthians 11

Summary:  Paul takes a look at people's standing, mostly between men and women (through a discussion on proper dress) and rich and poor (through a talk on the Eucharist).

Response:  My ears, used to the usual SJW/post-fem vibe of the Internet, are jarred by Paul.  I'm not yet ready to accept that covering or uncovering a head based on gender is a sacrosanct part of prayer.  Still, I know that through both subjects, my goal is clear- I need to be better at focusing on God, both in and out of worship.

Friday, August 22, 2014

1 Corinthians 10

Summary: Paul seems to wrap up this section of the letter, repeating his call to deliberately managing one's life in order to serve God and His people.

Response: I understand Paul's longing to be all things to all people, being a people pleaser myself. Musically, I pride myself in being able to fill in almost anywhere. Again, though, I want that extra step, that it's not for me or even for those around me, but for God's will that I act.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

1 Corinthians 9

Summary: Paul gives himself as an example of the kind of self control he's talking about. He knows that, as a servant of God, he could rightfully ask for making a living from his ministry. Still, he chooses to serve instead of being served so he can reach more people.

Response: I have similar views on being paid to help lead worship (why should Christmas services be a payday?), but I feel I still lack Paul's zeal for evangelism.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1 Corinthians 8

Summary: Paul takes the Corinthians' own words and clarifies them. With regard to the cleanliness of food, he'd much rather not eat and not cause someone to stumble than persuade someone, even passively, to sin.

Response: Apparently this doublespeak has been happening for a while now and I'm just now noticing. Of course, it's not just about food; it's different for each person. I pray God shows me how I might choose more carefully what I do, buy, and say that He can do better work through me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

1 Corinthians 7

Summary:  Paul talks of marriage, that since he feels time is so short (before Jesus' return/rapture/what have you), that its matters distract from doing the Lord's work.  From God he says not to divorce, but from his own opinion he'd find it better not to marry or re-marry either.

Response:  I'm... not entirely sure I agree with Paul.  I think the circumstances are a part of his opinion, namely that time is short.  He views marriage as a way to sex so you don't find it elsewhere; of course, that's a great part of it, but it's not the only thing.  I enjoy my wife's company, and it's great to do things and have things together we couldn't do alone (including, eventually, children!).  Again, it's possible I'm reading his opinion wrong.  Maybe he's thinking that this is another excuse for people:  yeah, I'll serve, but let me marry or divorce first.  And I know I'm guilty of that procrastination.  Hopefully this new job will give me ways to minister.

Monday, August 18, 2014

1 Corinthians 6

Summary:  Paul digs into the Corinthians.  He is fed up with lawsuits against Christians (that call on a lesser power, the law, to judge God's people) and the sexually immoral (who become one body with prostitutes instead of with Christ).  He calls on Christians to command their body the way a Temple is kept pure.

Response:  There is a difference between being wrecked and being used.  I clean on occasion for my church, and I have to constantly remind myself of this as I vacuum the same floors for the umpteenth time.  It is good that people, even people who don't know how to behave in church, come through the doors.  That is how we all came to be saved.  But what Paul finds is not use, but wreckage by Christians who should know better.  I find it comforting that I'm not the only one who has stumbled, but I know that Paul calls me, too, to keep myself, my body and actions and attitudes, to a high standard.  I don't vacuum because people like clean floors.  The church I visited yesterday didn't lack worshippers on the chancel because they didn't like a particular setup.  We hold parts of our churches sacred to show reverence to our Creator, and Paul calls me to hold my body and mind to that same standard.

Psst, it's the format!

This is, for me, an easy way to have daily devotionals.  I'll read a chapter a day and put in a Summary and Response.

Summary:  Here, I'll put what happened/what was said into my own words.  Strictly exegesis.

Response:  Here, I'll give my opinion/response/argument on the chapter.  Is less structured.

If you find this and it helps your walk, great!