Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Acts 15

Summary: Church drama ensues, but not for long, as some believers from Jerusalem start telling Gentiles in other countries that they must be circumcised to be Christians. Peter and Paul are both considerably against this, and convince the assembly in Jerusalem to send Paul with a letter expressing that sentiment. Some time later, Paul and his buddy Barnabas butt heads on traveling companions and split ways for now.

Response: So they saw a problem and talked about it openly with prayer and testimony, then sent people to talk it over with the other group. This is handled super well, especially compared to dysfunctions in churches today. I think a main reason for that is the authority Paul and Peter had in their ministry, as opposed to people (admittedly myself included) who haven't been fruitful or even trying. I am hoping to get on the wagon and serve those around me, but a more-than-full-time job and continuing to grow a family is not conducive to that just yet.

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