Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Psalm 50

Summary: The psalmist paints a picture of God as almost a natural disaster, clearing His path off the holy mountain. God doesn't want empty sacrifices​, He says; He wants a real change in people's hearts, from fear and obligation to joy and gratefulness.

Response: (Asaph, our psalmist, was probably a singer for the Temple?)

(Holy crap, fifty psalms! A third of the way in, I can't say I'm impressed with all of them, but I've enjoyed digging deeper and getting some real treasures.)

I say natural disaster because it talks about God carving out trees and a burning fire on His way down the mountain. As it says, He isn't hiding.

And His judgement comes with a plan forward or at least an alternative. I can only pray I make such an attitude adjustment.

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